La gente del Sur de Chile sabe bien que ir a la Isla de Chiloé es emprender una aventura.

Te esperan días húmedos, lluvias torrenciales y ciertos caminos inhóspitos. 

Se dice también que allí viven algunos seres sobrenaturales oscuros…

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The people of southern Chile know that going to Chiloé Island is to set off on an adventure.

Humid days, torrential rains, and certain inhospitable roads await you.

It is also said that some dark supernatural beings live there…

However, a local legend recommends eating the garlic from Chiloé before disembarking on the island to ward off bad spirits and energy.

The Garlic Enigma is the first project that seeks to understand and capture the Essence of the garlic from Chiloé.

We create unique, intense, and enigmatic sauces and condiments.